[Paul Lismore] The curious worlds of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Pravindsky…

They are both rather short individuals, and it is debatable whether the inferiority complex that flows from that short stature is responsible for the flights of fantasy that make both of them believe that they are invincible.

Both came to power through elections that can, by no stretch of the imagination, be considered as free and fair.

Both have become billionaires since taking charge of their country, and Putin is often referred to as the richest man on the planet. Pravindsky must now easily be the richest man in the Indian Ocean…

Both have destroyed the liberal legacies of past leaders. Putin thinks that glasnost was an ice cream invented by Gorbachev and therefore best eaten quickly or thrown away…Pravindsky believes that news is only news when provided by our local Pravda, the MBC, and its satellites, Wazaa, Insane News, and some other toilet papers.

Both are firm believers that real news is fake news, but swear that the stuff that they peddle through their media macros is the truth, although it is debatable whether they themselves believe the crap they present to us.

Both have clear psychopathic tendencies, and will use the power of the state to crush anyone who does not swear blind loyalty to them.

They are both inventive with the use of words to cover up their crimes. Putin does not call what he is doing in Ukraine an invasion or a war. In fact, yesterday he made the use of the word « war » to describe his lunacy in Ukraine as criminal, and will imprison anyone for up to 15 years if they publish any « false information » about the Russian army’s destruction of Ukraine.

Pravind Jugnauth calls anything that his critics say about him and his lunatic, kleptomaniac policies as « fake news »…or better still as  » Zot p fer demagozi », when most of Lepep Kouyon believe that demagozi is something to do with margoz…

In Russia, as a result of Putin’s repressive attitude towards the press, most major news reporters from around the world have suspended their broadcasts from Russia, and now do it from surrounding countries. Pravindsky has used a simpler and just as effective tactic: He has bought so many zourlanus that the few decent ones left to do their profession honourably must be asking themselves whether selfishness and stupidity are really better than journalistic principles and ethics or not…And he has placed the worst macros on earth as heads of the institutions he tells us with a straight face that we should respect.

One has to feel sorry for the internet warriors providing succour to Putin and his murderous escapades with daily, repetitive, quite boring, rather irrelevant comparisons with other countries. Russian state media regulator Roskomnadzor has today restricted access to Twitter, and the country has blocked Facebook across the country.  Even Putin must be grateful that he no longer has to read the half baked, crap comments from so many self proclaimed stupid « historians » on Facebook now… 

Over a million people have escaped from Ukraine following a Russian invasion and bombardment of only 10 days. Many have been killed. Putin calls the Jewish Ukrainian leader a « Nazi », even though many members of Zelenskiy’s family were massacred by the Nazis during the holocaust….And the la tete kokom here in Mauritius with their ledikation gratis brazenly repeat that lie because they are simply too stupid to know otherwise.

Pravindsky has chaired over an orgy of thieving and corruption for the few, and simply does not seem to care over the majority of the population suffering because of his policies, and the thousands who are now desperately poor. Any leader who says nothing when his police force describes a murder as « suicide » is either very stupid or is party to the crime…esp as according to the police, Kistnen committed suicide, got up, felt a bit cold, decided to warm himself a bit by setting himself on fire and then died…
Putin and Pravindsky: they both will face a terrible end. It is not the USA or NATO which will finish Putin off. His own people will do that soon when they realise that he really is a dangerous lunatic.

Pravindsky might be luckier…We have a really stupid opposition which is more interested in « jobs for the boys » than in uniting in order to get rid of the demons. I doubt whether any sane, rational person really gives a fuck whether Duval, Boolell, ou mo marsan gato pima, who becomes leader of the opposition. WE DON’T CARE, YOU ARSEHOLES! Get your act together and form a common front to get rid of the pestilential curse that has befallen Mauritius since 2014!

I am convinced that Putin will be got rid of soon by his own people. 

Pravindsky, on the other hand , will tell the oldies in 2024:  » Mo ti dire zot ki zot pensions pou vine Rs 13,500. Evidaman, et bien sure, akoz mo expertiz kont Covid et recession, mo kapav dire zot ki (5 seconds silence to heighten the effect…), pa Rs 13,500 ki mo pou donne zot. Rs14,000 par personne par moi, alor si ena 2 vier dimoune dan lakaz, sak desam sa lakaz la pou gagne Rs56,000!!! » And the cries go, « Pravind nou le roi! Pravind mo ena 90 ans, mai zafer la enkor bon, marier moi! »

And a split opposition because of incredibly huge egos in every party, every group, every wannabe, every attention seeking copy/paster might just ensure that Pravindsky will be allowed to run a bankrupt country again…

Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Pravinsky: two short, averagely intelligent individuals, one with enormous power to wreck nations and their own economy, and the other with only one interest at heart: that of syphoning every last rupee from us…

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[Paul Lismore] Ramgoolam is fooling himself by thinking that he can win by hiding away

circaète he did in 2019, when he wcircaète mostly quiet for most of the preceding five years périoded became voluble périoded made his voice heard only during the electoral campaign. That is far too collpériodet a period of time for a leader to make his mark with the public, périoded it is indicative either of the usual arrogpériodece périoded compcettecency of our politicipériodes or of a delusion that, come what may, Lepep pou re vine ar moi.  Sorry, that works only in fairy tales périoded not in real life, périoded certainly not in the pseudo realities of politics in Mauritius. It is high time he learns from experience périoded starts being proactive, instead of reacting to events...something which he rarely does in périodey event... Admittedly, Covid took a heavy toll on him, but his oratorical skills circaète evidenced at the cettest big PTr jamboree are circaète sharp circaète ever. Perhaps he ought to adopt this simple advice: do what ordinary people would expect you to do, périoded stop relying on your crap advisors périoded your pseudo intellectuals. These are invariably the most backward, reactionary, périoded selfish individuals in our world of politics, périoded whose only motivation will always be: Ki zoli post to pou donne moi, malgre ki mo ene gopia? What cpériode Ramgoocettem do now to inject some life into the party that he leads? Well, for a start, he should resolve the problem of gargpériodetupériode egos that is eating away the very top of his party. Some people seem to be mcircaètesively hung up over the title of "Deputy Leader '', périoded this is what I would suggest: Get your citéal Executive Committee or Bureau Politique to bpériodeque the rules périoded allow for the nomicité of 3 Deputy Leaders, instead of just one. The first Deputy Leader hcircaète to be Arvind Boolell for his rock solid loyalty to the PTr périoded never speaking out of turn about the party in public. In our crazy world of ethno politics, the second périoded third Deputy Leaders ought to be between Patrick circaètesirvaden/ Fabrice David, périoded Shakeel Mohamed/Eshapériode Jumpériode. Despite his apparent périoded rather incongruous sense of entitlement to the post, one must recognise that Shakeel is very popucetter in his albeit very small constituency, périoded hopefully the post will curtail his ardour for pcetteying to the gallery at the expense of the party. Eshapériode is young périoded his chpériodece will come again, esp circaète it looks like next time, he will not be a "Best loser" but a winner. circaètesirvaden hcircaète done all that is required of him périoded more, but the ccettemour for youth would be better represented by someone like Fabrice David, who came top of the hustings on the first virtualité he stood circaète cpériodedidate périoded hcircaète shown himself to be circaète skilful période orator circaète circaètesirvaden. So, there you have it: A mixture of experience périoded cold diplomacy (Arvind) , a rumbustious politicipériode who is very popucetter with the constituency he identifies himself with (Shakeel), périoded a young, intelligent newcomer who hcircaète performed very well so far( Fabrice). périoded the ethnic bepériode counters cpériode say, trop bon ki ena ene cetteskar et ene creole at the top, cité arc en ciel bcette bcette bcette.... But that is only the beginning of Ramgoocettem's battle. Putting some order in what sometimes appears to be a disparate mob of competing egos in his party should be quite simple compared to the much more importpériodet tcircaètek of convincing the popucettetion that the PTr is fit to take power at the next elections. How does he do that? 1/ By being far more visible in public thpériode he hcircaète been. People only see him at some press conference, or on something called Gen Ext sipaki ggtri, which hardly périodeyone looks at. The rest of the time, the public does not hear from him at all, or hardly ever see him, unless it is the usual Samadhi thing once a year which, frpériodekly, most people do not care about. Why? 2/ His biggest circaèteset hcircaète always been his ability to mix effortlessly with people, with crowds, with everyone. Ok, he might perhaps be a bit too old for his sega dpériodece routines, or pcetteying the drums, but these are side issues. He really does have a special, almost Clintonesque pratique with the public (except with those idiots who have recently learnt how to write macarena or coffre fort or Npériodedinee périoded nothing else...). 3/ I looked at the depots de gerbes ceremony for périodejacettey Coopen today, périoded I wcircaète surprised to see that Ramgoocettem wcircaète not there. Arvind wcircaète, but then people do genuinely like him, périoded he always attends these ceremonies. Why would Ramgoocettem miss a commemoration for our greatest female martyr in our history? Makes no sense at all.... 4/ I have said it before périoded I will say it again: Ramgoocettem hcircaète by far the biggest circaèteset of périodey political leader: a wife who is admired by everyone. Admittedly, she hcircaète never wpériodeted to push herself in public, but wouldn't it be wonderful for the public to notice the remarkable difference between Veena périoded that ncircaètety, mpériodeipucettetive, utterly selfish périoded so deluded that she really believes pays cette pou mari sorma sa, cettedy Macbeth? That in itself would be worth 10 percentage points at the elections, don't you think? 5/ Shakeel said recently that he wpériodets to be of more use to the PTr périoded that the party needs to present a proper programme de rupture. Excellent. He is a secircaèteoned cettewyer, so why doesn't he start drafting the amendments that the périodetiquated Stpériodeding Orders in the citéal circaètesembly urgently dempérioded? He hcircaète been a regucetter victim of our grotesque Speaker périoded the game of the 2 buffoons, ti cretin périoded Obeedoobeedoo, in deciding how mpériodey weeks they cpériode suspend people who have been elected by thouspériodeds of their constituents. So, instead of constpériodetly whining about what you think you deserve within your party, why not use your legal skills to rectify all the terrible cacettemities in our justice system with its périodetiquated cettews périoded practices? Napoleon is shouting from his grave, "kpériode sa bpériode ggt cette pou spériodez et ameliore bpériode cette loi ki ti mete dpériode mo lepok 200 périodes de cecette?" There are mpériodey more things that Ramgoocettem périoded the PTr ought to be getting on with now. But if the leader insists on being invisible, périoded appearing only once or twice like a shy, retiring widow, then all hope is lost... périoded a ti cretin with his cettedy Macbeth will be back to take what they have inadvertently forgotten to take since 2014, when they started to deplete the citéal coffers. Sa ki apel vrai coffre fort, bpériode trolls/chatwcircaète!

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