[Paul Lismore] When « like » hunters use Palestine etc to justify Putin’s barbarism, it is like telling a rapist:rape because the others did it too

This is almost like Pravind’s justification for robbing us blind being put on the world stage. The favourite excuse of this bunch of nincompoops and their chatwas for every cent stolen from us: Bann la oussi ti fer parey!

So that’s ok then, Pravind, the jeune et dynamique one. You can not only steal now, but you will show the previous thieves how to steal properly…how stealing only millions of rupees is a sign of stupidity and lost opportunities when there are billions of rupees to be stolen, non?

Only 2 days ago, what was his excuse for increasing the price of diesel and petrol?  » En 2008, (incidentally the year when Navin Ramgoolam committed the biggest blunder of his political career by doing everything to get Pravind elected in the Moka by election, and thereby resuscitating a dead political career…), ban la ti ogmant pri lessence akoz hedging! »

A little army of Putin apologists has sprung up and, when not actively hero worshipping the psychopath, are bringing Palestine, Iraq, Syria into the equation, as if that justifies the barbarism and terror of Putin in Ukraine. As Keir Giles says in today’s Guardian,  »  Russia is likely to repeat what it sees as a war-winning tactic of besieging cities and exploiting the destruction of their infrastructure to leave their inhabitants facing intolerable conditions. The question may soon be how long the millions of Ukrainians who have remained in major cities can survive in underground shelters while Russia does its best to deny them access to food, water and medical supplies……. To think Russia would not resort to terror campaigns to achieve its war aims is to ignore the example of Chechnya and also of Russia’s intervention in Syria. There, many at first thought that Russian bomb and missile strikes on civilian infrastructure including hospitals, schools and water treatment plants were the result of incompetence or error. They only gradually realised that this was in fact deliberate policy – bringing the conflict to an end as rapidly as possible by ensuring that civilian support for resistance was crushed….. In Ukraine, Russia does not appear yet to have employed chemical weapons. But again, following the experience of Syria, Moscow is in no doubt as to their devastating effect as a terror weapon, and nobody should be surprised if and when they do make an appearance. »

Yes, the USA has been right bastards in many parts of the world. Yes, the West tends to look after its own interests first, but then so does China, Russia, India, Pakistan, etc. But does that justify the terrible attacks on Ukraine by a man who has risen from being a poorly paid KGB member to being one of the richest and most corrupt men on earth? Does that blind people to the terrible harm he is causing to an independent country and the serious danger he now poses to the entire world? Remember, no World leader has ever threatened a nuclear war or put his nuclear forces on alert before. This lunatic won’t think twice before frying all of us up…

I have recently restricted my forays into Facebook to the absolute minimum, because the sight of self appointed virologues with an instant cure for Covid transforming themselves into overnight experts in World affairs, all based on knowledge gained from reading the back of a box of matches, depresses and annoys me intensely….

So, I am going to grab my pliers and do what Chaka Demus does: Twist and shout! Twist and shout that there are so many stupid men around desperately trying to grab any ‘like’ going, and my long held belief that women are infinitely better and more attuned to the human condition…
Woman, you driving me crazy….Yes, Chaka!

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